ULI Los Angeles StimULI: The Sunset Strip - Past, Present and Future of LA’s Most Famous 2 Miles


2022-09-29T08:00:00 - 2022-09-29T09:30:00

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    Sunset Boulevard, known more commonly as the Sunset Strip as it winds its way through the rolling hills of West Hollywood, has always been much more than just a street with a collection of buildings. “The Strip” has always conveyed an idea, a feeling, a sense of culture and a place in time. It has always held a special place in the lore and mystique of what makes Los Angeles unique.

    But how have various individuals, institutions, cultural crosscurrents and the built environment shaped the Sunset Strip as we know it today? And perhaps most importantly, in what direction is the Boulevard headed? What will be The Strip’s bold new future, visible from just around that sharp bend to the left, and then to the right?

    Come find answers to these questions straight from the people making it happen. What is it like, and what will it be like in the future, to build in this most famous of 2 miles.

    Design Principal
    & Senior Principal
    EYRC Architects

    Director of Economic Development
    City of West Hollywood

    Freelance Journalist
    Curbed LA, Vanity Fair & other Publications 

    Reaume Richardson 

    Chief Executive
    AECOM Capital