The mission of UrbanPlan is to generate more positive and informed dialogue about land use at the local level through the education of students – our future voters, neighbors, public officials, and land use professionals.


About UrbanPlan for High Schools

UrbanPlan is a classroom-based learning curriculum developed for high school juniors and seniors. Traditionally imbedded into semester-long Economics or Government classes, the program is currently reaching almost 4,000 students per year in 52 high schools in 39 cities through ULI’s network of District Councils. In the 15 class hours of the curriculum, students learn about land use and its related disciplines in business, city planning, real estate, architecture, and law.

Students form development teams and respond to an RFP to redevelop a 5½ block site in a fictional city. Each team member assumes one of five development roles and together the team develops a financial proforma and physical model of their plan. Once complete, each team presents their proposal to a mock City Council who then awards the ‘development contract’ to the winning team.

UrbanPlan Los Angeles Two-Week Summer Camp

ULI LA’s UrbanPlan Summer Camp compresses and enhances the traditional UrbanPlan curriculum into a 10-day interactive real estate camp. Week One introduces students to real estate concepts and challenges. Week Two offers students the unique opportunity to reinforce this foundation by working on a real redevelopment site in their community.

Through the process, students discover the dynamic fundamental challenges of development: how market forces such as supply and demand clash and collaborate with non-market forces like politics and regulation to create the built environment.

For more information or to volunteer, contact cyrice.griffith@uli.org.