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ULI TAP Guides Historic USC Village Project

A recent article in Urban Land highlights the role that a 2006 ULI Los Angeles Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) played in guiding the vision for the recently completed USC Village project in South Los Angeles.

“Described as the biggest project in south Los Angeles history,” writes Kevin Brass, “USC Village provides a direct link between the university and the neighborhood, while tackling issues of gentrification, education environments, and the university’s role in the broader community.”

“The underlying theme of the TAP was the notion to make [the project] connected to the community as opposed to isolated [from it],” says Michael Banner, chief executive of community-focused lender Los Angeles LDC, who chaired the TAP.

In the article, Brass describes which elements of the Panel’s recommendations were incorporated in the finished product, and notes how the $700 million project responds to community needs articulated in an extensive outreach process.

More information about ULI LA’s TAP program can be found here.

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