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ULI LA Featured in 2016 Local Impact Report

During the past year, ULI’s district council network continued to grow and thrive while engaging more members at the local level. What is most exciting to see is the way members have undertaken bold initiatives and innovative programming that has made an impact not just in the real estate industry, but also in their communities. In this report, you will find 24 examples from the field illustrating how members are advancing ULI’s mission on everything from workforce housing and neighborhood revitalization to building regional networks.

The Loop at Pine + Ocean, a 7,700 square foot event space and interactive art installation launched this year by Downtown Long Beach Associates and the City of Long Beach, is featured in the report. The Loop was born out of a series of recommendations made by a ULI Los Angeles Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) aimed at improving connections between Long Beach’s downtown core and the waterfront. Occupying the long-vacant site of the former Jergins Trust Building, The Loop is seen as a bridge to the city’s future and the redevelopment of one of downtown’s most prominent corners.

We hope you enjoy this small but exciting sample of the power of district councils to build healthy, thriving communities around the world.

Download the report here

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