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Toolbox for Building Healthy Communities

ULI Los Angeles is pleased to announce the publication of its Healthy Community Implementation Toolbox, a resource and guide for a wide variety of users that have the potential to address community health.

Developed by ULI LA’s Building Healthy Places Committee, in partnership with Raimi + Associates, the Toolbox identifies 12 tools (including strategies, policies, and regulations) that are being used by local jurisdictions in the Los Angeles Region to create healthier and more equitable communities. Many of the tools identified in this report are used by jurisdictions on a regular basis and include tools such as General Plans, Specific Plans, ordinances, and community engagement. However, these tried and true tools are being used in new ways to promote communities that reduce health disparities, promote social equity and encourage healthier lifestyles through planning, design and implementation.

The toolbox also identifies best practices for applying these tools to key health areas. Those looking to address particular health issues can find examples of California cities that have successfully implemented various tools to develop healthy communities. These topics include:

  1. Community engagement
  2. Health Elements
  3. Active living
  4. Parks and open space
  5. Anti-displacement
  6. Healthy food
  7. Healthy Development Guidelines
  8. Smoking

The Toolbox is intended as a resource for government staff at the city or county level, including staff from various departments including public works, public health, planning, parks and recreation, transportation, schools, and more. It can also be used by real estate developers who want to contribute to building healthy communities; by community-based organizations and advocacy groups who want to promote healthy communities in the region; and by academic, policy or research institutions both to further an understanding of the link between health and the built environment and to identify additional policies and programs that advance a healthier environment.

This report was funded by a grant from the ULI Foundation.

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