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GROW Mentorship Program – Accepting Applications!

ULI LA is delighted to announce the launch of the GROW (Grow Relationships and Opportunities at Work) mentorship program. Led by the Women’s Leadership Initiative, GROW provides leadership and career advancement opportunities to mid-level professionals of either gender. Through group discussion lead by an Industry Leader, professionals will have an opportunity to share information with industry peers and gain insight into what it takes to advance your career to the next level. Similar to ULI’s Product Councils and YLG Partnership Forum, GROW will foster thought leadership through ULI’s culture of sharing best practices, lessons learned through mistakes and experience gained. Participants share information in a trustworthy setting, as all group discussions are confidential.

The purpose of the program is for mid-level ULI members to meet and network while exploring topics of interest related to real estate, development and land use. Mentees will explore issues that their peers may be facing in their careers, such as: career enrichment, guidance on next steps, career advice, balancing professional and private life, engagement, exposure to various professionals in the real estate community, and networking.

Each group will consist of 8-10 ULI members age 35 and over who are mid-level in their careers and one Industry Leader (a female ULI Full member).  These small groups will meet every other month to discuss topics related to the many facets of real estate, development, land use and career and professional growth development.

The group is required to meet every 8 weeks, at a minimum, for a period of one year. Mentees who miss any meeting during this time may be removed from the program. The 2014 program session will start on June 1, 2014 and end on May 31, 2015.

Additional attributes the ULI LA GROW program provides:

  • A confidential, trusting environment for educational and idea exchanges
  • Exploration of business and personal interests/issues
  • Business and personal networking
  • Leadership development and career advancement
  • Development of people skills
  • Professional and personal growth

For more information and to apply, click here.

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