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Goodyear Tract TAP

ULI Los Angeles is pleased to announce the publication of its Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) report for the Goodyear Tract, a large industrial district in South Los Angeles. Under the guidance of the office of City of Los Angeles Councilmember Curren D. Price, Jr. (Council District 9), the ULI Los Angeles TAP was asked to create a set of recommendations for the retention, recruitment, and expansion of key industrial businesses, while improving the quality of life for those who live and work in and around the Goodyear Tract.

The Goodyear Tract is home to a diverse collection of businesses that provide a critical job base for residents of the surrounding neighborhood and Los Angeles at large. It is a vibrant industrial district with existing strengths: opportune proximity to freeways and public transit, access to the Los Angeles International Airport and the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, as well as access to the greater Los Angeles Regional market. It operates at high productivity, with an economic output and employment per acre greater than comparable industrial areas in the region.

Despite its many advantages, however, the Goodyear Tract faces some challenges. To meet the requirements of contemporary business, the district needs significant improvements in mobility and energy infrastructure, transportation, accessibility, walkability, parking, and signage/identity. ULI LA TAP members worked with representatives from Los Angeles City Council District 9 (CD 9), local business owners, community members, and representatives from a large collection of city departments to identify and better understand these challenges. Among the Panel’s recommendations:

  • Zoning changes that protect the existing industrial uses, while encouraging the types of businesses that provide high levels of employment (i.e. textiles, woodworking, furniture, food preparation, and apparel)
  • On-site partnerships between the community and local schools to provide training in prevalent industries in the Goodyear Tract
  • A focus on the corridors around the Goodyear Tract to improve the connection with the surrounding neighborhood, while adding a collection of destinations that can attract visitors from outside of the immediate area
  • “Paseos” which would allow pedestrians to easily cross through from block to block within the Goodyear Tract
  • A “Parking Management District” that could combine on-street parking, privately owned off-street parking, and any other kinds of parking supply that can be found around the Goodyear Tract
  • Take up branding and marketing opportunities to help define, promote, and reinforce a district identity
  • Signage to improve visitor awareness and wayfinding
  • Public art in the form of murals, exhibitions inside certain buildings, and lighting effects

On the TAP process, Los Angeles Councilmember Curren D. Price, Jr. of Council District 9 stated the following:

“ULI LA has been an invaluable partner in my Office’s planning and visioning efforts for the Goodyear Industrial Tract in my district. The TAP process unprecedentedly brought together community-based organizations, long-term business stakeholders and various City Agencies for discussion around the economic development of the tract. The resulting report has given us a roadmap to realize our goal of business recruitment, retention, and expansion while improving employees’ and residents’ quality of life. We are incredibly grateful for each expert panel member and for ULI LA’s leadership as we plan for the future of the New Ninth.”

ULI would also like to acknowledge the support of the TAP co-sponsors, The Weingart Foundation.

The Goodyear Tract TAP report is a product of ULI’s Technical Assistance Panel program, which provides expert recommendations on specific land use issues to local governments, institutions and non-profit organizations. For more information on this program please contact us.

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