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Gateway LA TAP Report

ULI Los Angeles is pleased to announce the publication of its Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) report for the section of Century Boulevard between the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and the San Diego Freeway, more popularly known as the “Gateway to LA.” Under the guidance of representatives from the GatewayLA Business Improvement District, the ULI Los Angeles TAP was asked to create a set of recommendations focusing on potential development along the Century Boulevard corridor and land use planning opportunities emerging from the significant public infrastructure investments.

The GatewayLA area can be more than a district, expanding on the major concept described in the 2011 TAP report. GatewayLA functions as the core of an area-wide commercial ecosystem. GatewayLA and its surrounding area can offer more than just a gateway to the airport, and more than a linear corridor of hotels, consolidated along Century Boulevard, if it capitalizes on the significant transportation improvements that will come to fruition in the next several years. In short, an unprecedented opportunity now exists to capitalize on the land use and placemaking benefits of LAX and the planned infrastructure improvements and enhance the economic development role of properties within and adjoining GatewayLA.

The variety and number of development opportunities coming to the area could be the subject of its own report. When the consolidated Rent-A-Car facility is complete, vast swaths of private and public land will no longer be devoted to car storage. Similarly, when LAWA completes construction on the ITF facilities and the APM, land used during the planning and construction process will also become available. GatewayLA should be actively preparing for the planning, politics, and financing opportunities that will be necessary for pairing the right kinds of investments with the right locations.

Over the course of its two-day session, the TAP Panelists had a chance to speak with numerous stakeholders and local officials to get a sense of the community’s desire for the GatewayLA area and the century Boulevard corridor. Much of what the panelists heard during that engagement contributed to the findings and recommendations of this report. Among the Panelist’s recommendations:

  • Develop a strategy to implement the Century Corridor Streetscape Plan. This is the most significant opportunity to transform GatewayLA into a vibrant work and hospitality district.
  • Extend the Century Corridor Streetscape Plan to 98th Street and additional north-south corridors.
  • Construct hospitality sites along Airport Boulevard.
  • Develop and implement environmental graphic elements throughout the GatewayLA area.
  • Develop the office and commercial uses for Silicon Beach businesses when vacated parcels become available.
  • Develop commercial parcels along Century and Aviation boulevards, adjacent to ITF east and consolidated Rent-A-Car facility (CONRAC).
  • Update city planning documents as needed to support and streamline implementation.
  • Develop a marketing and branding plan to attract private investment.

With the work that’s already complete and the work remaining to be done, GatewayLA is well on its way to creating the “Century Boulevard district” that ULI envisions. It is time to amplify and implement that vision, undertaking the detailed planning necessary to realize the envisioned placemaking opportunities.

 ULI would also like to acknowledge the support of the TAP co-sponsors: District 11 of the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles World Airports, and Gateway Los Angeles Business Improvement District.

The GatewayLA TAP report is a product of ULI’s Technical Assistance Panel program, which provides expert recommendations on specific land use issues to local governments, institutions and non-profit organizations. For more information on this program please contact us.

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