ULI & APA Present StimULI: An Introduction and Discussion of LA's New Zoning Code


2022-01-18T08:00:00 - 2022-01-18T09:30:00

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    ULI & APA Present
    An Introduction and Discussion of LA's New Zoning Code
    With opening remarks from the City of Los Angeles Planning Director, Vince Bertoni
    Several years ago, Los Angeles City Planning set out to create a modern and efficient zoning code for the City of Los Angeles. The proposed approach aims to establish a new Zoning Code that is both easier to use and more responsive to the needs of Los Angeles's many diverse neighborhoods.
    While zoning has traditionally focused on prohibiting incompatible uses, the new approach focuses instead on both the physical design of a building as well as its use. As City Planning moves through the process of updating its 35 Community Plans, the new zoning system will be rolled out across the city over a number of years. To discuss this wide-ranging topic, a joint effort between ULI and APA has brought together an esteemed group of experts and panelists to discuss these upcoming changes.
    Los Angeles City Planning (LACP) will first share a high-level overview of the new zoning system. This overview will introduce the Form, Frontage, Standards, Use and Density districts, the new 5-part zoning string, and how the zoning code update will take place, among other topics.
    After the presentation, a moderated discussion will be held to touch on issues including how the code hopes to make housing more straightforward to build, how office and other CRE markets might be affected, and how issues surrounding gentrification and displacement are being addressed.
    Afterwards, your questions will be answered in the Q/A session.
    We invite you to review the draft zoning code at the link below and come prepared with questions and/or comments.
    Opening Remarks

    Vince Bertoni
    Director of Planning
    City of Los Angeles
    Presenting from Los Angeles City Planning
    City Planner
    Los Angeles City Planning
    City Planner
    Los Angeles City Planning
    Planning Assistant
    Los Angeles City Planning
    City Planner
    Los Angeles City Planning

    The Panel
    Moderator: Liz Falletta
    Vice Chair of Urban Planning
    University of Southern California
    Craig Lawson & Co.
    Chris Pearson
    Vice President of Development,
    Planning and Government
    Hudson Pacific Properties
    Sierra Atilano
    Chief Real Estate & Investment Officer
    Skid Row Housing Trust
    Sonya Falcone
    Daylight Development
    Ata Khan
    Planning Manager
    City of Pomona