ULI Los Angeles: YLG Presents: An Evening with dot.LA Co-Founder/CEO, Sam Adams


Tuesday, August 11th, 2020
6:00pm - 7:00pm PDT


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LA may be known as the Entertainment Capital, but the emerging tech and media footprint has given LA a new nickname: Silicon Beach. Maturing over the years with investments from Snap, Tinder, Facebook and Google, major tech firms and local startups are rapidly taking over the LA creative office market. At this point, tech offices have expanded beyond the Westside to the Arts District, Silver Lake, and the San Fernando Valley.

Dot.LA was founded in 2020 by Spencer Rascoff, previously Zillow co-founder, and Sam Adams, a former financial journalist for Bloomberg and Reuters. The site was created to tap into the vibrant tech and startup ecosystem of LA: angel investors, early- and late-stage VCs, private equity, unicorns, big exits, public companies, and great universities. Noticing a need to unify the community and highlight tech in LA, Dot.LA generated a newsroom dedicated to LA’s tech scene.
For YLG’s An Evening with X series, dot.LA co-founder, Sam Adams, will join ULI for an intimate discussion on tech, real estate and the developing PropTech market. We will highlight what tech companies are seeking in creative office space as tenants, specific regions of LA ripe for tech investment, and dot.LA’s recent startup pitch show case on Real Estate Tech. If you’ve had questions about real estate and tech in LA, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss!