ULI Los Angeles: StimULI: State of the City 2.0 – Envisioning the Healthy Future


2020-06-17T08:30:00 - 2020-06-17T10:00:00

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    The purpose of The State of the City series is to bring key leaders in Policy, Education, Design, Planning, Development, and City Building to share their insights about designing the future of our city, Los Angeles.
    State of the City 2.0 will focus on how we should be thinking about not just returning to a “New Normal”, but thinking about making our cities better, healthier places to live.
    We will bring experts in their field to address what it means to have a healthy city. We will explore both the physical and human elements that must work together to create and support our diverse and inclusive City.
    The time is now. We have an unprecedented opportunity to think BIG and affect meaningful change to the physical structure of our City and the systems that support its growth and resilience.

    · Marty Borko ULI-LA Executive Director ~ Moderator
    · Christopher Hawthorne, Chief Design Officer, City of Los Angeles Public Sector Perspective
    · Nord Erickson, EPTDESIGN, Landscape Architects Design in the Public Realm
    · Dana Cuff, cityLAB UCLA --- Architecture and Accessibility to our City
    · Rick Vogel, Related Companies Lessons for Development
    · Andy Cohen, CEO of Gensler Innovations in Office Design, Design Impacts of the Future of our City