ULI Los Angeles: Urban Marketplace 2020 Session 2: Capital Today – Money Talks in the World of Progress


Thursday, September 17th, 2020
11:30am - 1:30pm PDT

Urban Marketplace 2020 Session 2
Capital Today - Money Talks In The World Of Progress

In week 2 of ULI-LA's Urban Marketplace, access to capital will be covered by a diverse panel of experts.

Hear a robust discussion about the magnitude of some of the structural challenges in our underserved communities, particularly as it relates to a long history of “financial redlining” and the lack of access to affordable housing.
Some topics include:
How can private capital get involved?
Who is showing leadership on this front?
How can we collaborate- because the government alone will not be able to solve the problem?



Jennifer McElyea, Watt Investment Partners
Jana Sims, Strategic Development  Solutions
Max Levine, Neighborhood Partner Investment Company (Nico)
Pamela West, Nuveen

City Presentation 

Carina Campos, Economic Development Specialist, City of Azusa
Matt Marquez, Director of Economic and Community Development, City of Azusa 
Manuel Muñoz, Planning Manager, City of Azusa