ULI Los Angeles StimULI: Reclaiming Our Commercial Corridors - Will AB 2011 Spur New Residential Development?


2023-03-29T08:00:00 - 2023-03-29T09:30:00

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    With California’s acute housing shortage showing no signs of abating, 2022 was another banner year for new laws which seek to transform California’s housing market. One of the more notable and promising bills to come out of this class of 2022 is AB 2011 ‘The Affordable Housing and High Road Jobs Act’.

    AB 2011 is an innovative form-based code approach which allows for ministerial, by-right approval process for residential development on commercially-zoned lands. AB 2011 promises streamlined approval of housing along commercial corridors so long as the project meets specific affordability, construction labor, siting and environmental criteria. The bill generally establishes a minimum density for a site, but leaves the product mix, size and efficiency to be left for the market to determine, within specified parameters. One recent analysis found that AB 2011 had the potential to create up to 2 million units statewide.

    But how exactly does AB 2011 work? What kind of incentives does it contain to assist projects along commercial corridors pencil out more easily? And how might the law transform many of the commercial corridors in both the Los Angeles area and California overall? Come join in-person as we hear from a diverse panel of industry experts currently working on AB 2011 projects discuss and answer these questions and much more. In addition, a future follow-up Part 2 event will present a case study of a typical site in LA to illustrate exactly how AB 2011 can help transform projects.

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