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Taking the Highway Out of PCH Malibu

Along with a group of urban thought leaders, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti joined ULI Los Angeles last month for Transit Oriented LA. Since Mayor Garcetti’s signature Great Streets Initiative was launched at last year’s ToLA, 15 streets have been slated for improvements embracing upgrades that are neighborhood-friendly, bike-friendly, and pedestrian-friendly. “The Great Streets Initiative is about strengthening neighborhoods one ‘main street’ at a time,” said Mayor Garcetti in an official statement. ” Angelenos are looking for dynamic and safe places to meet, to shop, to spend time with their … Read More

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City of Riverside Seeks Developers for Streetcar Steering Committee

If you are a developer with expertise in Mixed-Use or Transit-Oriented Development, the City of Riverside seeks a member from the Real Estate Development Industry as part of the City’s “Riverside Reconnects Streetcar Study” Steering Committee. The City is studying whether a streetcar in Riverside is feasible and beneficial.  The study currently underway will evaluate route alignments, construction and operating costs, community benefits and challenges, phasing, the correlation with land development, and funding. While the project specifically investigates the feasibility of a streetcar system, an underlying objective of the study … Read More

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In Los Angeles, Mobility Corridors Would Magnify the Effect of TOD

For the most part, transit-oriented developments, or TODs, remain individualized projects, planned in isolation from their surrounding communities. They tend to focus inward, serving transportation needs, perhaps adding housing and retail, but not leveraging their potential for economic development. But that mind-set is changing, particularly in Los Angeles. Long the poster child for traffic congestion, Los Angeles is dramatically expanding its regional transit system. More than 100 transit stations are being built in response to a $40 billion commitment to new rail lines approved by voters in 2008. What has … Read More

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Transit Corridors Report 2013 – Now Available Online!

Los Angeles, widely recognized for traffic congestion and unhealthy air quality, has embarked over the past few years on an aggressive expansion of our regional transit system.  In November 2008, voters approved Measure R by an amazing two-thirds majority, committing a projected $40 billion to traffic relief and transportation upgrades throughout the county over the next 30 years.  Reducing our auto dependency though viable transit alternatives is a major goal.  But creating a more walkable city that promotes healthier lifestyles is also critical.  The County of Los Angeles with more … Read More

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Transit Oriented LA’ summit held on Oct. 10 in downtown Los Angeles

Transit-oriented development remains a big deal here in Los Angeles. With the transit system expanding, there remains plentiful opportunities to put new development near existing or future transit stations. Los Angeles County has certainly seen its share of TODs — in Hollywood, North Hollywood, Long Beach, Pasadena, downtown Los Angeles, to name a few — in recent years. But there remains challenges: the real estate market is very different in different parts of the county and zoning laws in some areas still prohibit or do not encourage the kind of … Read More

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All Aboard: Rail-Centric Construction Gets Back on Track

  With train travel regaining ­popularity and high-speed passenger rail projects or improvements under construction in California, Michigan, and the Northeast Corridor, another era of railroad station construction is dawning. In the last decades of the 20th century, many of the projects undertaken during the golden era of railroad station restorations across the country involved anything except trains. Union Station in St. Louis, for example, reopened as an urban mall. Stations in Dallas and Jacksonville, Florida, became parts of convention centers. Union Station in Indiana­polis was packed with bars and … Read More

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