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Healthy Corridors Report Released

ULI is pleased to announce the publication of Building Healthy Corridors: Transforming Urban and Suburban Arterials into Thriving Places. Resulting from a two-year project that involved partnerships with four communities in the United States, including Los Angeles, this report explores strategies for transforming commercial corridors into places that support the health of the people who live, work, and travel along them. ULI LA’s involvement in this project culminated in the Pacoima Health Zone, which was held on March 6, 2016.

This report and the supplemental materials found on the ULI Healthy Corridors website serve as resources and references for those who are undertaking corridor redevelopment efforts. The report highlights the importance of health in decision-making processes; and it provides guidance, strategies, and insights for reworking corridors in health-promoting ways.

The report was released at ULI’s Fall Meeting in Dallas, where a session focused on the lessons learned during corridor transformation projects in Los Angeles, Nashville, Denver, and Shoreline, WA.

ULI is grateful to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Colorado Health Foundation, and the ULI Foundation for their support of this project and the Building Healthy Places Initiative.

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