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ULI LA FY17 Annual Report

ULI Los Angeles is pleased to announce the release of its Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report. The report documents the incredible program of work undertaken by our dedicated members and hard-working staff. By the numbers: we delivered 48 timely and relevant programs for 4,385 attendees, grew our total membership to 1,824 and added $47,994 to our financial reserve. More importantly, our members furthered our mission of providing leadership in the responsible use of land through numerous programs, advisory services, leadership activities and special projects. We invite you to learn how here.

A message from ULI LA Chair Clare De Briere:

The mission of the Urban Land Institute is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. ULI is a research and educational institute. Yes, ULI provides great networking and social opportunities, but at its core is its mission. Our responsibility as members of this 81 year old institution is to work tirelessly towards fulfilling that mission and, in doing so, we will be able to improve our community and create a better, healthier and stronger Los Angeles.

Los Angeles was the location of the very successful 2017 Fall Meeting and is the recipient of a gift to perform a national Advisory Service Panel to focus of the issue of homelessness in our region, concluding in December 2017. We are incredibly fortunate to have had these two events in Los Angeles. The first will provide us with the means to perform research and programming, and the second will give us an incredibly focused direction for that research.

Over the next two years, our local leadership has committed to pursuing ULI’s mission by focusing on several key initiatives.

The reconstituted Land Use Leadership Committee, made up of leaders from the private, public and academic sectors, will direct research and programming on those issues most affecting our community: homelessness, density, and housing, among others. This research will enable our local leaders and our citizens to make better informed land use decisions. In addition, as the national Advisory Services Panel concludes its research in December, the Land Use Leadership Committee will take on the responsibility of following through with the recommendations of that Panel, ensuring that a real difference can be made to improve the homeless crisis in Los Angeles.

Our leadership is also working towards expanding ULI’s reach within our community. We are reaching out to small-scale developers, large corporate land users who may not think of themselves as being in the real estate business, low-income housing producers, and land use leaders of diversity in the broadest context of the word.

In summary, our mission over the next few years will be to create a more resilient city, to understand how to actively reduce homelessness in our community, and to diversify the reach of the Urban Land Institute so that its mission will be pursued as broadly as possible. To fulfill that mission, we will need every one of our 1,900+ members to commit to making Los Angeles a better place to live for everyone. Thank you all for your ongoing commitment to ULI, to Los Angeles and to each other. Together, we can and will be a force of positive change.

Clare De Briere, ULI Los Angeles Chair

To read the complete FY17 Annual Report, click here.

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