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TOD Summit Suggests a Growing Culture of Transit in Los Angeles

By Neal Payton, AIA If the 440 attendees of ULI-LA’s TOD Summit, held on June 4, 2010, are any indicators, the real estate and development community of Los Angeles is embracing transit-oriented development (TOD) to a degree unimaginable as recently as five or six-years ago. Back then one might have expected one-fourth of that number, made up of the “usual suspects, i.e., transit advocates, urban planners, and a few innovative developers sitting around preaching to each other about the benefits of TOD, and wringing their hands over why we can’t … Read More

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Public private partnerships — coming to a civic building near you

By Allan Mackenzie and Frank Zerunyan A variety of public private partnerships (PPPs) have been created in the United States for transportation and utility infrastructure projects, but PPPs for social infrastructure — civic buildings, schools, libraries, police departments, courthouses and hospitals — have been slow to materialize, especially at the state and local level. That is due in large part to Government agencies’  unfamiliarity with the delivery method, their focus on front end versus lifecycle costs, lender intransigence, and their long-standing use of tax-exempt financing mechanisms. However, all of that … Read More

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1000 Homes in Action

“The city came into being to preserve life, it exists for the good life.” – Quote from the ceiling frieze in the Tom Bradley Tower Room Attendees heading to the 1000 Homes Supportive Housing Innovation Awards on June 24, expected to see Los Angeles from a special perspective – the event was being held the in the Tom Bradley Tower Room at City Hall. The views of the urban landscape from the balconies did not disappoint, yet it was the opportunity see another side of city life in a new … Read More

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